Notable Professional Achievements

  1. Sole developer on a new IIS/HttpHandler/.NET application connecting to various Process Historians (in this case in the Oil and Gas industry) to be accessed from Java applications. This software is now in production use in the North Sea. Despite this being a new business environment, the development was a significant success and was related to other work, currently in production use in Azerbaijan and in Canada.
  2. Over a period of sixteen years, wrote software for, integrated, and maintained, a set of technologies around SQL, Web/IIS/.NET/ASP.NET MVC, Mobile (latterly including Xamarin Forms), Windows services, and an existing (and old) ERP system, which enabled a small company that supplied mission critical printer maintenance to succeed even when competing with much larger companies; winning contracts with FTSE 100 companies for very significant quantities of printers and meeting tight SLAs.
  3. Wrote and maintained a solution for a major Hire Purchase / Loan provider (one of the largest UK banks) for printing loan agreements at point of sale. This system was (and is believed to still be) handling greater than 50% of the agreements in the UK for certain “large ticket” items and has been operating for well over fifteen years with only minor updates.
  4. As part of a three-person team, handled foundation / support / infrastructure / interface code for an “output processing” system used by a telephone-based loan provider (now part of a major UK bank). This system scaled from an initial £200K per day of agreement processing, to £10M per day, over a ten-year period with just one refresh at the mid-point. The system was very highly valued by users and very easy to operate.

Recent Certification

  • OSIsoft PI AF SDK Developer Certificate
  • OSIsoft PI WebAPI Developer Certificate
  • OSIsoft PI SQL (inc' RTQP) Certificate

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