Recent History (further information upon request)

September 2020 to November 2020 - Freelance Development

  • PoC and performance testing .NET core app on Ubuntu, OpenMAMA (C/C++/C#) from Vela Superfeed to database (MySQL, InfluxDB)

September 2019 to February 2020 - Freelance Development

  • Maintain, and add features to, a Python ETL system (SQLAlchemy, Alembic, PETL, Excel, SQL Server - Research organisation)

February 2019 (ongoing) - Sys Admin

  • Dell server maintenance and development work for a local company

February 2019 to September 2019 - Personal Development

  • PI DA/AF system setup
  • PI AF SDK certification
  • PI WebAPI certification
  • PI SQL certification

August 2012 to December 2018 - Freelance Development

  • IIS application connecting Java code (Tomcat) and OSIsoft PI AF Client. C# & Java. (Achievement 1)
  • IIS application connecting Java code (Tomcat) and OPC DA / HDA. C# & Java
  • Java JSF application (Tomcat / PostgreSQL) for editing extensive and detailed configuration
  • Minor JavaScript work for graph generation
  • Application to firewall WITS0 data (Windows service and related GUI). C#
  • Application to transfer / firewall UDP data across a network using specific rules. C#

January 2001 to July 2018 - Freelance Development / SysAdmin

  • Develop application suite to integrate SQL Server 2000 – 2014 T-SQL, Web/IIS, Mobile. C# and various
  • Windows services (C#), and an existing ERP system, to provide user / customer access to a fully integrated remote engineer management system. (Achievement 2).
  • Develop CRM system (specific to their old ERP system) using ASP.NET MVC attached to the local ERP system and with company specific facilities.
  • Administer servers - WS2012R2 / hyper-v / AD / Exchange / SQL Server / DFS / IIS.
  • Develop and maintain the system outlined in Achievement 3. C++ app, IE integrated
  • Develop and maintain the system outlined in Achievement 4. C++

June 2008 to October 2014 - Developer, Primary School Management Software

  • Windows desktop C# application for managing progress against the National Curriculum (and other more detailed targets). Major design points were ease of use by non-technical teachers and a combination of purpose designed graphics for detailed “at a glance” achievement monitoring. Installed at a number of schools in Lincolnshire including large multi-form entry schools.

January 2001 to July 2012 - Supplier / Frrelance Development

  • Work on a Windows based C++ system for processing data, initially a GUI based system but needed conversion to run as a service with the GUI working remotely over the network
  • Continued development of an embedded system to connect PCs with high-speed Xerox printers, initially designed to be driven by IBM mainframe connects (Bus and Tag), x86 and C++

May 2001 to August 2014 - Supplier / Freelance Development

  • Various Windows applications / services for processing data. C++ or C#

Early History

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